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Elspeth, Vancouver (Canada)

"I can only say brilliant things about Marie, she is a very talented and gifted reader! I did an hour’s zoom tarot card reading with her from my home in Vancouver, Canada and it felt like we were in the room together! Marie is easy to talk and connect with. I would recommend her for anyone looking for an honest and mindful reading or any other spiritual experience that she offers. You won’t regret it! "


Amanda G (Basingstoke)
"Marie Hartley is a very kind, thoughtful soul who likes to help others. Her Tarot Readings are done with passion, and Marie also brings in Mediumship to work alongside the Tarot.  Marie runs Tarot Workshops and Development Groups which is open to anyone who wants to develop their own abilities. I have attended her groups and highly recommend her."

Preet K (Uxbridge)
"I was recommended by a friend to see Marie as I was struggling from anxiety and feeling lost in my current situation with love-life and work. We connected via video for a Tarot Reading and was delighted by Marie’s warmth, kind energy and support. Marie was spot on regarding what I was facing and what had happened in the past. It was a truly amazing reading and left me positive for the future. I am very happy that I was able to meet Marie and feel she is more of a friend, which really put me at ease and made me feel calm.
I highly recommend Marie; the cards were spot on and really do open doors in the mind. Thank you, Marie, for your kindness and positivity."

Annette B (Swindon)
"I’ve been having readings with Marie for over 5 years and look forward to each and every one. Marie is a true joy, who delivers each reading with honesty and sincerity and gives you the whole picture. She guides you through the process and explains what she is getting. I have always found her to be a guiding light in times of trouble with reassurance.

Marie predicted the birth of my son before he was a twinkle in my eye. She saw there was going to be some complications but assured me all was going to end well. He spent days in neonatal, during that time my faith never wavered, and as predicted all ended well.   Her reading gave me strength when I needed it the most and for that I am truly grateful."

David S (Reading)
"Marie and I have sat in circle for some fifteen years. During that time, she has grown in experience and expertise as a Tarot Reader, Medium and more recently as a Tutor and Mentor.  She uses her remarkable gifts and links with spirit and her sitters in a very down to earth and honest way, she tells you what you need to know.  If you want a reading, guidance or someone to help develop your own gifts then I can whole heartedly recommend Marie."

Pav B (London)
"Marie is not only gifted but she is a light worker who brings healing to her clients. Her reading provided me with reassurance during a challenging time. Often our intuition is guiding us but we are fearful. Marie has the ability to confirm or help bring clarity to a message we might need to hear. I left my reading feeling optimistic and excited about what the future had in store. I would strongly recommend a reading to anyone who is curious about the mystics."

 Susan W (Mallorca, Spain)
"A kind gently reading, very helpful and inspiring, Marie could see I would be leaving a stressful job and moving overseas. That was over 6 years ago and here I am living the dream. The Tarot cards showed me what I could achieve and to see my life from a different perspective."  

Amn K (London)
"I had my first reading with Marie, but it won't be my last.  She's a great reader, with a real warmth, like you're catching up with an old friend.  The reading was accurate, covering all aspects of my life, career and love.  I was surprised at the depth that the reading went into, given the little information I had shared.  I can't wait for my next reading!"

Emma R (Reading)
"I have known Marie now for around 6 years, and have been having Tarot readings with her on and off ever since.

Marie is my go-to lady when I feel like I need a bit of direction in life or I need some guidance with certain situations.  She has always proved to be a massive help and made me feel reassured.

Every Reading I have had with Marie has always been spot on, she has never failed to live up to expectations.  Marie is brilliant at tarot readings and I always recommend her to anyone and everyone I know." 

Sue H (Basingstoke)
"Marie is not only a superb Tarot Reader; she is also an extremely good psychic medium.  She connected with my Dad in spirit recently and said he was giving me a gift of a packet of party ring biscuits which made no sense to me whatsoever.  Marie said she couldn’t change it.  A couple of days later I attended a quiz night and won a raffle prize.  Yes, you’ve guessed it I won a packet of party ring biscuits!!!"

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