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Clairvoyant Readings

Angel and Oracle Readings 

You may have seen a vast amount of Angel and Oracle Cards, including Unicorns, Fairies, Dragons to name but a few on the market or in shops and wondered what this all means. They seem to have a very gentle approach to anyone who reads them.

Unlike the Tarot which can be straight to the point, honest and insightly with how your past can affect the now and the future. Angel Cards have an endearing energy and can help too with guidance and support.

It maybe that you don’t even think you have a Guardian Angel.  However, when we are born, we have all had an Angel, Guide or other light being assigned to us on our journey. You also have guides that join you on a particular path you are taking at that time.  They are here for guidance but cannot intervene unless you ask because we have free will and choices.

If you decide to have a reading it can open your eyes to the opportunities you have and can have with a little help from all those light beings which accompany us.

Maybe this is just what you need at this time to make a decision or to see that opportunity, maybe you feel you’ve been walking this life with your eyes shut and doors closed through fear, disappointment or the thought of failure.

A reading can help to open those eyes and doors.   Living in fear is a life unlived.  My Angels are always by my side, I am continuously loved by them, and they can help me when ever I ask. I am supported, loved and surrounded by many angels, now and always.

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