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What is Rahanni?
(Celestial healing, Mind, Body and Soul)

It is a hands-on healing modality of balance, which works on a higher vibration and deeper level.  


It opens the heart centre and helps to heal, by releasing negativity and all fear-based ways thoughts and actions, like jealousy, anger, hate, resentment, judgement etc, which can be destructive to us on a mental and emotional level.  So many of us hold onto past hurts and beliefs, which create a block and holds us back. It prevents us from moving forward. Remaining in the past can affect every aspect of our lives.

Rahani trans.png

Rahanni brings out our natural essence of truth, love and compassion, allowing us to gain control over our lives. Becoming balanced brings inner peace to the mind and healing to the physical body which allows changes to our attitudes in life.  Benefits children diagnosed with ADHD and Autism.

What happens during Treatment?

Practitioner will connect to Rahanni guides and angels to channel the healing light. Treatment can last 1 hour including consultation. You can experience heat, tingling and a peaceful relaxation will occur.  You will possibly enjoy a good night’s sleep.

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