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Workshops & Spiritual Development

I offer a variety of courses that you may wish to attend, it’s an ideal opportunity to connect with you and other like-minded people. 


Learn to open up your intuition to the energies around you and how positive thinking and an open mind can benefit you in your life. Maybe you would like to start Reading for others but just don’t know where to start.  It’s a brilliant idea to join a group and see if it is something that inspires you to do those things you thought you were not able to do.


I can offer teaching through a group or on a one-to-one basis, so why not give me a call for an informal chat, there is no pressure I will work with you, to guide you to that place you may have only dreamed of, to become a reality. Here is a list of some of the things I can guide you through: -

  • Tarot Teaching (Easy-Peasy)

  • Angel/Oracle Workshops

  • Meditation

  • Psychic Development

  • Spiritual and Self Awareness 

Tarot Teaching

I decided to teach Tarot when I realised that many people who would like to learn how to read cards found it very difficult and confusing.  There are numerous books which you can purchase explaining the meanings of each individual card, but this in itself can confuse the person trying to put it all together.

Yes, we do need to know the basics of what they mean however, you have to go on your intuition and gut feeling as sometimes the book will say one thing  to you, as the reader, it can mean something else.

I have noticed over the years that people find the court cards difficult because they can refer to a person, yourself or an event which may take place.

I myself will help you to understand how you can read the cards and see and feel past life events, present and the possible future of your quadrants (client) journey. As a reader it is important to remember that we all have Free Will and that this is your interpretation of the cards.  However, there are some things in our lives we cannot change and it's how we approach those challenges and experiences that can make the difference.

 I am able to simplify the Tarot reading so you are not bogged down with the meanings and be expected to memorise everything that card may mean.

My workshops would be no larger than 6 people at any one time as I like to give you the attention to detail you may require.  I can provide the cards for you or you can bring your own, just bear in mind it is best to start with a basic set.  Most people start with the Ryder Waite however, this is not my choice and I use the Robin Wood Tarot.  It’s a personal choice and the connection you feel when you work with your cards.

When you become familiar with reading the Tarot, I will also show you how Oracle and Angel cards can reinforce your reading and provide more guidance.

Tarot is a fabulous tool to connect psychically and spiritually with the energies around us.  They are very honest and true and you will be surprised at how accurate you can read for your client and give clarity on a situation whether it is :- what is my life purpose, job prospects, their love life, the list is endless.

During the course I will provide various literature to guide you in a simple way, how to do various spreads, a certificate and also a monthly Tarot Share where you can meet up for practice and share your experiences.  

Meditation Classes

Meditation is a state of consciousness in which a person goes deep within themselves, focusing the mind eliminating outside influences to produce a state of deep peace and relaxation. The aim is ultimately to find deeper and clearer understanding on the self.

After this deep quietening of the mind, an ability to listen to one’s own thoughts and observe the mind, body and spirit is produced.  Once this is achieved, you can move deeper into expanding the spiritual awareness.

Meditation is used widely in many different religions and has become very popular in the west after research carried out showed the benefits of meditation. The most identifiable icon is the buddha dating back to 563 BCE.  As a young man he made it is life purpose to find the cause of man’s pain and suffering. After an extensive period of self-discovery, he became enlightened.

Meditation will enhance your life, enabling the study of yourself, seeing how and why you respond, noticing the beauty of your environment so producing positivity and acceptance.

When you meditate it is not always necessary to sit for hour after hour in quiet contemplation, it's very much about connecting with your self and how you feel and how the energies around you feel.  You can sit in the quiet and just quieten your mind or listen to music, a guided meditation or just a walk in nature, can be very much a mindful way of meditation.

It’s very much about being in touch with yourself. The benefits can be endless. Reduce stress, anxiety and reduce physical pain. It can boast your immune system encouraging relaxation and can promote deep sleep.

Increasing your concentration, balancing emotions, awareness and understanding of yourself and other people. Recognising the thought process and how our thoughts can create reality.

One of the other benefits and what is most important is that if you want to connect spiritually, is to be able to connect with your own energy and how you feel may enable you to connect with the spiritual realms to receive help and guidance.

I feel that breath is most important when you start meditation and to be very conscious of your breathing. Taking long deep breaths and being body and spirit aware to relax and feel totally in the moment.

I offer meditation classes to connect with yourself to ground and nurture your mind, body and spirit.

Psychic Development Classes

I have been offering the opportunity to develop your own self and the psychic abilities we all process when we quieten the mind. We have been programmed by society to learn, work and live within the realms of society as a human being, we have lost the ability to see, feel and explore the world within and around us, just living in the place but not feeling the life we are suppose to live and experience our true spiritual self.  In my classes you have the opportunity to connect with other like-minded people to develop your own self and to be able to connect and feel the energies around you, other people, and the energies of the spiritual realms.

If you would like to attend one of my classes (you could be a complete novice or have had many years of experience) I will always adapt the group to make all parties concerned feel welcome and no pressure involved to say perform.

I will always start any classes with the pure intention of love, you will feel safe and secure, grounding your physical body to mother earth and taking particular care to surround your being with love and light. Following opening of the group in this way, we will do a meditation to connect with yourself and the energy around us.

During our development group you will have the opportunity to use various items like Oracle/Angel Cards. Psychometry, crystals and other divination tools.  This may help you to connect with the energy, after all there is energy around us all, you may not see it but like the air that you breath you know it’s there.

We all have different abilities and some tools may work for you and some you may not resonate with. We are all individual and there is no right or wrong way, I will help you to make the connection that is right for you and help you to connect with your spiritual guides.

You may just like to sit in the loving energy and just connect with yourself to feel the love and positivity that surrounds you. That’s alright too, there is no pressure. To connect with oneself is a blessing too.

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