Has the ability to tune into the energy of someone who has passed away. They need to raise their vibration to find the middle ground so that spirit can lower their energy vibration to meet in the middle.  This can be very draining as it can take a lot of energy to be able to do this. A medium will give you messages to show the continued existence of your loved one in the spirit realms. They are not fortune tellers.

Psychic / Medium


Psychic is when the reader connects with their client’s energy and the energy around them. We all have an energy field around us which we call the aura. This energy holds the imprint of your past, present and future. As a reader you are able to get  in touch with this energy on an intuitive nature. The energy is a denser earthly energy. A psychic may use various tools like Tarot, Angel and Oracle cards. Pendulums, crystals and other psychic tools. We all have the ability to intuitively connect with someone.  Have you ever had that gut feeling when something isn’t right?  All that 'just knowing' feeling is your intuition working.



Is the ability to read, feel and receive information from an object which belonged to a person/loved one. It can have the effect of connecting with the energy of that person to discover information.


I often use this process spiritually to connect with your loved one. 

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