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I was very lucky to be part of a large family of 2 sisters and 1 brother to loving parents.  We were mostly brought up in a tiny village in Berkshire in the UK where we enjoyed the countryside and had an array of livestock. You may say it was an ideal upbringing. Although we didn’t have much in material or monetary possessions the love we felt from our parents, grandparents and extended family was all we needed. I am a country girl at heart and my ancestral family came very much from a country background too, working off the land and being at one with nature.

I married my husband in 1983 in the village church and have been blessed to have 3 sons who have grown into fine young men, we have not been without our challenges and obstacles but have come through with love and positivity.  I believe that everything happens for a reason, we may not know that reason until we are able to accept, learn and move forward.

I was drawn to the spirit world a long time ago but didn’t act upon developing this as my life was very much taken up with being a mother and helping run the clerical aspects of the family business, and to be honest I was a little afraid of what people would think. There are so many misconception of those who work within the spiritual world.


I’ve always felt that something was missing and would attend mediumship demonstration, but never acted upon this until my beloved grandfather passed in the year 2000,  I would feel his energy around me, it was as though he was trying to open my eyes. 


I was drawn to the Tarot by another card reader who said I was afraid, but the spirit world is here telling you to get on with it, they will help, its you’re calling and she gave me a pack of cards free. Who this lady was I just don’t know but instantly I got an immediate connection with the cards?  I am grateful to this lady who opened my eyes and my Aunty (Tarot Reader) who encouraged me.


My grandfather has been one of my guides and my grandmother whose signature smell when she is near is TCP. That may seem strange but not to me.

I absolutely love doing readings helping clients to feel loved and enthusiastic about their future, and what they can achieve. The Tarot is an amazing tool to connect with your intuition and the spiritual realms, it is very truthful, sometimes the truth can feel hurtful but we have the ability to move forward with our lives, and the Tarot can show you how you can proceed, what you do is entirely up to you. 

The Tarot has opened many doors for me, I can now connect with my loved ones and those in spirit world to enhance my readings and receive messages to show there is an existence after our earthly life.  Energy doesn’t die it just transforms.

I often thought I wasn’t articulate enough to give a reading or to teach, however, spirit have helped guide me  to receive what you and I need to know, it’s all about trust, I can honestly say I trust 100% and thank my Guides, Angels and the Universal light beings for all their help and guidance so I can help others. I love my life and if by chance we have challenges or obstacles to overcome, l like to think this is an opportunity to grow into the person I and you are supposed to be. 

Love, Truth, Compassion and we move forward.

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