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Areas covered include:

Love and Relationships




Career: New Opportunities and Promotion

Guidance for Future Goals and Desires




Inner Growth and Spiritual Development 

My name is Marie Hartley and I would like to welcome you to my website. 


I was inspired many years ago to develop my abilities to become a Tarot reader after a chance encounter with another reader and with the guidance of a family member who has been a reader for many years. 

I was brought up within the Christian faith but have always believed we are spiritual beings having a human experience and this applies to which ever faith you follow, we are one within the universe of life.

I feel a strong connection with my cards which have enabled me to develop my intuition to a point in which I connect spiritually with my guides and your loved ones within the spiritual realms, to enhance your reading and receive messages of encouragement and direction in your life.

I can feel (clairsentience) hear (clairaudience) and see (clairvoyant) in my minds eye to make the connection you need at that time.

I am here to offer help and guidance with relationships, your goals, decisions and maybe your life purpose, what you do with your reading is entirely your choice as we all have free will, although some experiences we encounter you may not be able to alter but you may understand how best you can deal with the challenges.

I have always been known as a very honest reader and I will tell you what I feel and see rather than what you may want to hear. But rest assured I always deliver my readings with love, truth and compassion.

I will always go on a gut feeling, as I feel this is my own spiritual connection (guides) and your guides trying to help you on your journey. 

I often know your past experiences and how that is affecting your life going forward, I find the Tarot is an amazing tool for help and encouragement with an understanding of events going forward.

To enhance my readings I am also a practitioner in Rahanni Celestial Healing which is channeled  from the higher beings of light for the good of humanity, by connecting to their true essence of Truth, Love and compassion (healing from the heart).

I also offer Angel/Oracle and Mediumship readings.  This is all channeled from our spirit guides and loved ones.

My client base is mainly in the  N. Hampshire and Berkshire counties, mostly in the Reading, Basingstoke and Newbury areas.  I do travel further, depending on the distance involved and you can connect with me via video link on Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Skype.



Note from Marie.  

All my readings are confidential and will not be shared with anyone without your permission. You can trust that anything I see or feel will stay with just us.


I often find once the reading has finished, I cannot remember what I said, (although I always remember your face and usually your name), I think this is because the readings are for you to take with you, in your own thought process, as this is your journey through this life, not mine!  Anything you may act upon is purely your choice.

I always say the best readers are those who do not think, as any messages or guidance received comes from our Spirit Guides, Angels or other light beings.   We are just used as a channel from their world to this.

Any reading is to find some clarity, direction, confirmation, inspiration and evidential proof of the existence of life after our human life.  Its entirely up to you where you go with this, as we all have FREE WILL and a choice. 

We are all Spiritual Beings having a Human Experience. Xx

All sessions are done face-to-face or on Zoom. Please contact me for any personal queries

I am fully insured with Public Liability Insurance

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